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Daytona Bike Week (# 17792)
09-Mar-2012 - 18-Mar-2012
Daytona Beach, FL

Daytona...That one word is literally synonymous with having fun of all kinds. Say the word Daytona to a scooter jockey, though, and he or she will immediately tellyou that word means Bike Week.

Officially known as Daytona Beach Bike Week and also referred to as simply DaytonaBike Week, it is one of the largest motorcycle rallies and events in the nation, competingeach year with the historic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota for the unofficialtitle of America's Premier Biker Rally.

Those of you who attended the 10-day event in 2010 know its attractions, and with just a few days left until the70th Annual 2011 Daytona Beach Bike Week, I'm sure you've already made all yourplans to attend this year's rally.

After all, how could you not, considering all the fun you had last year?

For those who haven't yet made r...... For More Information Click Here

Arizona Bike Week (# 17774)
28-Mar-2012 - 01-Apr-2012
Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Bike Week is a rider's dream. Whether you prefer organized runs and events or carving out your own path, there's plenty of options for everyone.

Our scenic terrain and amazing April weather make for some of the best riding in the country. Spend a few days exploring the Arizona desert and mountain roads and checking out the pre-rally days' events at some of our favorite local watering holes.

Then it's time to really rev it up at the biggest party of all, Cyclefest at Westworld! One low admission price gets you into all the festivities. Top name builders and vendors, with the latest parts, accessories and apparel. Major manufacturers such as Harley Davison, Yamaha and Kawasaki will be there to demo their newest bikes. Also included with your general admission pass; nightly concerts, featuring national headliners. Previous bands include Foreigner, C...... For More Information Click Here

Laughlin River Run (# 18031)
25-Apr-2012 - 29-Apr-2012
Laughlin, NV

Located right near the border of Nevada and Arizona on the Colorado River, Laughlin isusually a quiet little resort town.

Sure, it has casinos, and that makes for some entertainment at all times, but the realfestivities in this small desert burg happen once a year during the Laughlin River RunMotorcycle Rally.

Once billed as the largest motorcycle event in the southwest, the Laughlin River RunBiker Rally has drawn as many as 70,000 motorcycle enthusiasts to the area during thehappening, and is something no true biker should ever miss.

The name of the annual motorcycle rally comes from the river run to Oatman, Arizona;an experience every rider should enjoy. Past Laughlin River Run Motorcycle Eventfeatured some fabulous entertainment, including performances by Cheap Trick, DavidAllen Coe, Three Dog Night, and legendary Righteous Brother, Bil...... For More Information Click Here

Myrtle Beach Bike Week (# 17795)
11-May-2012 - 20-May-2012
Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach Bike Week takes place every year on the second week of May. Thousands of bikers - around 300,000 motorcycles - from all over the world are riding to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to enjoy the 60 miles of cost line motorcycle riding.
Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Week is one of the big 3 motorcycle events in the north east. The biggest motorcycle rally in the north east is Daytona Bike week, the second one is Laconia Bike Week, and the Third one is Myrtle Bike week in the spring time.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week Attractions

If you are a true biker, just looking at all these motorcycle will be the main attraction. Over 300,000 motorcycles in will be in Myrtle Beach Bike Week, Harley Davidson, Choppers, even some Suzuki, Kawasaki and other street bikes. A lot of these motorcycle are truly a work of art, with custom paint jobs and shining chrome...really, what else can yo...... For More Information Click Here

Rolling Thunder Ride to the Wall (# 17800)
16-May-2012 - 26-May-2012
Washington, DC

When most think of motorcycle rallies and events, it's generally about partying, bikeshows, bikini contests, and simply having fun. While there's no reason someone can'thave some fun during the Rolling Thunder Ride to the Wall, it's definitely a much moresomber event, aimed at honoring our nation's heroes.

Held each year during Memorial Day weekend, the Ride to the Wall Motorcycle Rallyorganized by Rolling Thunder, Inc. sees hundreds of thousands of bikers of all stripesrumbling into our nation's capital on every imaginable type of motorcycle to pay homageto the many men and women who have served this great country of ours with distinctionand honor.

Started in 1987 it was originally called the 'Run to the Wall' with an organizedmotorcycle ride that ended at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.Since i...... For More Information Click Here

Americade (# 17794)
05-Jun-2012 - 09-Jun-2012
Lake George, NY

Are you ready for the Annual Americade Motorcycle Rally this coming June?

If you attended the 28th Annual event billed as the Largest Multi-Brand MotorcycleTouring Rally in the World this past June I'm sure you're more than ready.

More than just your average biker rally, Americade is a yearly happening thatencompasses so much it's hard to take it all in; and is a place for not only motorcycleenthusiasts, but the whole family.

Taking place in the spectacularly scenic lakeside resort community of Lake George, NY,the Americade Motorcycle Extravaganza attracts more than 50,000 riders each year, withmore than double that number of spectators coming along for the fun to be had there.

More of a gathering of touring motorcycle riders who treat their rides as a social hobbyrather than biker gangs, the Americade Motorcycle Rally i...... For More Information Click Here

Rot Biker Rally (# 17836)
07-Jun-2012 - 10-Jun-2012
Austin, TX

They say they do everything big in Texas, and that certainly applies to MotorcycleRallies.

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally is gargantuan. Like the Lone Star state, itencompasses a lot, and is the fourth-largest biker rally of its kind in the United States.

Those of you who enjoyed the pleasures to be found at the Annual ROT MotorcycleRally in past years know exactly what I'm talking about, and probably can't wait to head outon the highway on your way to Austin.

Whether you're scooter trash, die-hard biker royalty, or simply weekend warriors, you'llfind your place at the four-day biker rally held at the Travis County Exposition Centeras you join more than 200,000 bikers cruising into the city limits to take part in thefestivities.

And what a party. You can enjoy yourself any night at the Cowboy Bar located in the...... For More Information Click Here

Laconia Bike Week (# 17793)
09-Jun-2012 - 17-Jun-2012
Laconia, NH

Anticipation builds as Laconia Motorcycle Week once again approaches. For the uninformed, this is a nine-day event with many rides, a multitude of rallies and bike shows, and tons of other great activities. For any motorcycle enthusiast, it cannot be missed.

Laconia is a city in New Hampshire with around 16,000 people living there. It has the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee and the well-known Weirs Beach. You'll never run out of things to do in Laconia; from fishing to golfing, opportunities for enjoyment of all kinds await. Weirs Beach itself has fun water slides, mini golf courses, and arcades. And of course, Laconia Bike Week is a prime attraction in Laconia.

Laconia Bike Week originated with a gathering of motorcyclists at Weirs Beach in 1916. After that, events started to be held like hill climbs and races, and it became part of the Gypsy Tour. Over the years ...... For More Information Click Here

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (# 17791)
06-Aug-2012 - 12-Aug-2012
Sturgis, SD

The extravagant Motorcycle Show that is Sturgis is gone for 2010, but that doesn't meanit's too early to start thinking about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

That's right, you know you're already planning it all out in your head, thinking aboutpacking those saddlebags, hopping on your Softail or Panhead and heading out on theopen road.

You're dreaming about riding by Devil's Tower in Wyoming, stopping off for a quickdrink in Keystone, and then rumbling down Lazelle Street and onto Main to park yourbike under the Jack Daniels Banner and enjoy another week of heaven in Sturgis itself.

You're fantasizing about knocking back a cold one during the Sturgis Bike Rally at TheKnuckle, One-Eyed Jack's Saloon, The Fire House, Full Throttle Saloon, or the RoadKill Cafe. You're itching to finally get that first official ...... For More Information Click Here

Roar To The Shore (# 17801)
06-Sep-2012 - 09-Sep-2012
Wildwood, NJ

All of your favorites will still be here, including; the traditional pig roast at Kindle Ford, Walking Poker Run, Biker Babe Contest, the Rubber Duck Boardwalk Ride, all of your favorite vendors and live entertainment. But this year we are planning a few new activities to make this year even better than the last including a Custom Bike Show and Battle of the Biker Bands. If you're looking for a rally that will fit your taste, personality and especially your budget - check out Roar to the Shore held in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Roar to the shore, motorcycle event in Wildwood New Jersey, is probably the best motorcycle event in the north east, and it is listed right here on motorcycle event directory.
With around 150,000 motorcycles every year, it's not as big as Laconia Bike Week or Daytona Beach Bike Week but it's definitely the most fun motorcycle ra...... For More Information Click Here

Street Vibration (# 17802)
19-Sep-2012 - 23-Sep-2012
Reno, NV

More than 50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts will roar into Reno, NV for Street Vibrations. Ranked the 6th largest motorcycle event in the nation, Street Vibrations has more activities and more sponsor locations than ever to keep participants torqued.

Street Vibrations boasts motorcycle give-aways, a championship boxing tournament, ride-in shows, live entertainment, great food vendors, a tattoo expo, America's Finest Custom Bike Builder's Invitational, different stunt show teams, Dyno Drags, and more.

America's Finest, a display of custom bikes that has jaws dropping the moment people see them. The Michelangelo's of the motorcycle world bring some of their finest creations to one location, The Silver Legacy in downtown Reno. High flying motorcycle jumps and on the ground stunt shows will have hearts pumping.
Live bands will play the Carson City deale...... For More Information Click Here

Bikes Blues And Bbq Motorcycle Rally (# 18167)
26-Sep-2012 - 29-Sep-2012
Fayetteville, AR

Arkansas isn't just known for its extreme weather, being the birthplace of the 42ndPresident of the United States, Bill Clinton, its University athletic clubs known as theRazorbacks, or its role in eventually ending segregation in our nation's schools involvingthe Little Rock Nine. It's also home to some of the most courteous people in the country,some of the greatest southern cooking you'll ever find, and what's been billed asthe 'Largest Charity Biker Rally' in the United States.

Known as the Bikes Blues and BBQ Motorcycle Rally, this charity event takes placeevery year beginning with a ride into the city of Fayetteville, AK through the scenicOzark Mountains, and has raised well in excess of $500,000 for local charities from thehundreds of thousands in attendance each year.

Since its inception and humble beginnings as ju...... For More Information Click Here

Las Vegas Bikefest (# 17798)
27-Sep-2012 - 30-Sep-2012
Las Vegas, NV

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that's absolutely true of anything you don't want someone else knowing you did while you were there.

However, if you were at the Annual Las Vegas Bikefest this past year, you're probably regaling all your bros with stories of the fabulous times you had there; for there's no better time to be had than what you'll find during the four-day Las Vegas Biker Rally in the 'Entertainment Capital of the World.'

Yet, soon enough you'll be able to pre-register in order to make sure you share in all the amenities of the Annual Bikefest in Sin City.

Those amenities? Some of the best and most unique in the United States when it comes to motorcycle rallies. Sure, other rallies have great rides to take part in as well. Sure, other rallies have contests and competitions galore. Sure, othe...... For More Information Click Here