Crow Creek Commemorat 2ND 2007, Saint Paul, MN

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Crow Creek Commemorat 2ND (# 2258)

20-Jun-2007 - 23-Jun-2007 (Wednesday - Saturday)

Saint Paul, MN Crow Creek Commemorat 2NDCrow Creek Commemorat 2NDCrow Creek Commemorat 2ND


June 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2007Second Annual Dakota “Wokakije Un Wicakiksuyapi” Commemorative Ride to Crow Creek, South DakotaJune 20-24, 2007Fort Snelling, Minneapolis to Crow Creek, South DakotaInformation:This is the Second Annual Commemorative Ride honoring the memory of the Dakota and Ho-Chunk Nations who were forcibly removed from Fort Snelling in Minnesota to Crow Creek, South Dakota after the conclusion of the Dakota Conflict of 1862. The removal occurred during the spring of 1863 and moving over 1,700 Indian people by riverboat and trains accomplished it. This dark chapter in American history is scarcely a footnote in American history textbooks. The reasons for the Dakota Conflict were that the Dakota people were near starvation due to corrupt Indian agents who were swindling and denying the Dakota their food rations and annuity payments as guaranteed by the previous Treaty of 1851 and Treaty of 1858. The federal government often overlooked this pernicious behavior on the part of its Indian agents and these transgressions were often the primary causes of Indian wars. The media vilified the Dakota for their actions and 303 Dakota men were sentenced to death by hanging by a hastily organized United States Military Tribunal. The largest public mass execution occurred in American history with the simultaneous hanging of 38 Dakota warriors at Mankato, Minnesota on December 26, 1862.Over 1,700 Dakota men, women and children were forcibly interned at Fort Snelling during the winter of 1863. No accounting of how many Dakota Indian men, women and children perished during the brutal internment has ever been documented. In 1863, Congress enacted a law to forcibly remove all of the Dakota from Minnesota to Crow Creek, South Dakota. The first leg of their removal by riverboat ended at Camp McClellan in Davenport, Iowa prior to proceeding to the next stops. The punishment for their actions during the Dakota Conflict resulted in their removal to Crow Creek, South Dakota by riverboat and trains.In addition to the Dakota and Winnebago people from Minnesota, another group of prisoners from the conflict were taken down river earlier that same year. In April of 1863, nearly 300 Minnesota Dakota prisoners of war landed at Camp McClellan near Davenport, Iowa. Most were held for three years in the most horrendous conditions. At least 61 of these prisoners died there and were buried without any ceremony. Their remains may still be in the ravines that surround the old Camp McClellen area. On April 10, 1866, about 166 of these surviving prisoners were released and sent to Santee, Nebraska. These people are part of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe of Flandreau, South Dakota.The motorcycle ride route follows the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with overnight stops at Davenport, Iowa @ 358 miles; Big Lake State Park just North of Saint Joseph, Missouri @ 350 miles; and Yankton, South Dakota @ 300 miles. The ride ends at Crow Creek, South Dakota @ 165 miles on the fourth day.We will have additional rest stops at Winnebago, Nebraska on day three and at Chamberlain, South Dakota on day four to assemble all the riders for a procession into Fort Thompson on the Crow Creek reservation. A total of 20 riders participated on the first ride last year.During the trip last year, we traveled through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. Missouri and Nebraska are Helmet Law States so bring one for yourself and/or your passenger. During the trip we will camp or stay at a motel depending on your personal preference, so pack accordingly. Each day is broken down into 100-130 mile stops for gas and lunch. Route maps will be handed out each day at the start of the ride. Total mileage for this ride last year was 1,753 miles from start to finish, that is, leaving Saint Paul, doing the complete ride, and returning back to Saint Paul directly from Crow Creek and not retracing the river routes used to make the journey.All riders are welcomed regardless of Ethnicity, political preference or National origin. That includes all makes and models of motorcycles as well.

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