All Harley Drags 2010, Bradenton, FL

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All Harley Drags (# 14300)

20-Feb-2010 (Saturday)

21000 Sr. 64, Bradenton, FL All Harley DragsAll Harley DragsAll Harley Drags

All Harley Drags Saturday test and tune at the track is from 11 to 2, it is open to everyone who cares to watch or practice. The evening races will start around 5ish with the tech booth usually being open at 3 or shortly thereafter. If people are not able to come and test and tune their bikes, we usually get one or two test passes to set our dial-in times before the eliminations begin. When everyone gathers at the track we will go over how things will work with the prize purse, and some general safety rules. The bikes will not be hard to find at the track normally everyone parks on the opposite side from the tower at the starting line area. EVERYONE needs to wear a FULL FACE helmet and full finger gloves along with boots and a leather jacket or racing suit!! NO EXCEPTIONS

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