Armed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd National 2012, Milwaukee, WI

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Armed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd National (# 20977)

19-May-2012 (Saturday) From: 10:00 AM, To: 11:30 PM

Milwaukee, WI Armed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd NationalArmed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd NationalArmed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd National

Armed Forces Freedomride Poker Run - 3rd National Hello America.Welcome to the 3rd National Armed Forces FreedomRideRide details to follow soon!THIS IS A ONGOING NATION WIDE EFFORT TO~STAND UNITED~ IN ALL 50 STATES WITH A NATION WIDE SHOWING OF SUPPORT TO ALL ARMED FORCES,VETERANS OF WAR,M.I.A.,P.O.W., AND OUR TROOPS~ALONG WITH HELPING RAISE NEED FUNDS FOR OUR TROOPS and VETERANS.Thanks to the dedication of the Team of States Coordinators , Veterans Groups, O...rganizations, MC's,RC's, and Supporters, of The 1st National FreedomRide of May 15 2010 help provide Riders and Supporters throughout the Nation an opportunity to join this expression of gratitude in an act of unity,and in observance of the A National day of remembrance. 2011 was a very busy year~ and 9 more States have been added through the year. 33 States were involved in this National Event on Armed Forces Day May 21 2011,that span from Maine to Oregon~ I can hardly speak the expressions of words that are needed at times, when it comes to saying thanks to all that has made it possible for this vision to become a reality in our Nation as We Stand United on this day.Riders and Supporters Honor Armed Forces Day during their Rides,Parades, Gatherings,Dedications, Ceremonials ,Personal Visits to Local VA Hospitals,VA Memorials ,and more.See MoreMission The purpose is to Honor Armed Forces Day,and to Salute all those in military,of the past,present,and those that still stand severing today, that have put their lives in danger for our Country,and and what they do everyday to protect the United StatesFar from home, far from family, and some that are looking through eyes that see no hope, or change to come. Only those that stand in these boots now, and those that have stood before these know what is like to continue to fight this Battle with Pride, and with silent tears that fall, and no one knows, but those that cry. ~Freedom Is Not Free ~ Help Show This Support Worldwide

Tracy Sigrist
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