Maxs Miracle Motorcycle Ride and Family Concert 2008, Murfreesboro, TN

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Maxs Miracle Motorcycle Ride and Family Concert (# 8932)

04-Oct-2008 (Saturday)

2250 N.w. Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN Maxs Miracle Motorcycle Ride and Family ConcertMaxs Miracle Motorcycle Ride and Family ConcertMaxs Miracle Motorcycle Ride and Family Concert


$25 Donation to the CMV Research Fund gets you delicious breakfast in the morning before the ride, 5 Card Poker Run, Commemorative T-Shirt, and a fantastic lunch by Cheeseburger Charleys after the ride. Participating Passengers ride for same price.Great Prizes!!! Concert, Entertainment, Food, Car Seat Checks, Fire safety, Family Fun, Bike Show, All for a Great Cause!!Sponsored and Hosted by Color My Shirt All donations and contributions raised will go to National Congenital CMV Disease Registry Congenital CMV is one of the leading diseases that infants are born with. 1 out of 750 are infected in utero. Some of the problems or disabilities caused by CMV in babies are: * Mental disability * Lung Problems * Hearing loss * Bleeding Problems* Vision Loss * Liver Problems * Growth Problems * Spleen Problems* Seizure Disorders * Petechiae *Intracranial Calcifications * Jaundice Symptoms caused by CMV can appear at birth or later in the baby’s life. In some infants, hearing or vision loss occurs months or years after birth.CMV is spread through saliva, urine, blood, breast milk, tears, semen, . You can transmit through relations, kissing, rubbing your hands in your eyes, mouth and nose before cleaning them and blood transfusions. If you are pregnant please take extra care in hygiene and try not to share utensils and try not to kiss young children on their mouths.Maximus Payeur was diagnosed at 22 weeks utero. Max was born with Microcephaly, low blood count, jaundice, intracranial calcifications, missing brain matter, slightly enlarged ventricles with periventricular cyst. We need to be more aware on Congenital CMV and we need to raise money for research. To learn more about Cytomegalovirus (CMV) please visit

Shannon Payeur
615-962-2055 / Email Motorcycle Event Organizer

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