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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (# 17791)

06-Aug-2012 - 12-Aug-2012 (Monday - Sunday)

Sturgis, SD Sturgis Motorcycle RallySturgis Motorcycle RallySturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally The extravagant Motorcycle Show that is Sturgis is gone for 2010, but that doesn't meanit's too early to start thinking about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

That's right, you know you're already planning it all out in your head, thinking aboutpacking those saddlebags, hopping on your Softail or Panhead and heading out on theopen road.

You're dreaming about riding by Devil's Tower in Wyoming, stopping off for a quickdrink in Keystone, and then rumbling down Lazelle Street and onto Main to park yourbike under the Jack Daniels Banner and enjoy another week of heaven in Sturgis itself.

You're fantasizing about knocking back a cold one during the Sturgis Bike Rally at TheKnuckle, One-Eyed Jack's Saloon, The Fire House, Full Throttle Saloon, or the RoadKill Cafe. You're itching to finally get that first official Sturgis Biker Week ink at MainStreet Tattoo or one of the other tattoo parlors in the area.

You're salivating over the great eats you'll only get at the best restaurant in town (andthe unofficial Sturgis Motorcycle Rally eating hole of choice) What's Cooking Mama.You're dreaming of the good times you'll have dancing at the Loud American Roadhouseand the Buffalo Chip.

Most importantly, you're anxious as hell to enjoy all the great events the Biker Weekprovides, such as watching the Star Boyz pull their amazing stunts on their rice-rockets,taking part in the Thunder Ride honoring America's vets, or just being a spectator at theLoud American Burnouts.

It's not just the events themselves that captivate you, but the friends you know you'llmeet and share great memories with; people who'll end up being a part of your life foryears to come. These are the reasons to come to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally; asthey've been in the past.

From the small beginning that warm August day in 1938 when a local motorcycleshop owner named J.C. "Pappy" Hoel organized the first rally with nine racers and asmall crowd of 200 spectators, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has grown to encompassa spectacular 7-day event with hundreds of thousands of attendees; including racers,spectators, and many others.

J.C. probably couldn't have envisioned the Main Street madness that encompassedthe area this past August as the Sturgis Bike Week 2010 was celebrated by so manyAmericans, and even those from as far away as Australia; all enjoying the pleasures andmagic only the Hills of South Dakota can provide.

He would, however, have been familiar with the views shared by many of the visitors ofthe biker rally as they rode through some of the greatest land on earth; on organized rides,or just cruising on their own. As they weaved left and right over the incredible roads likethe Wildlife Loop, Vanoker Canyon Road, Needles Highway and many others, enjoyingthe magnificent vistas, he probably smiled down on them from above.

He probably looked down on the Annual Mayor's Ride that took place during SturgisBike Week with a bit of a chuckle, and a stern sense of pride at the Sturgis MotorcycleMuseum and Hall of Fame that commemorates the annual motorcycle event. He surelytook pleasure in the courteous treatment all the visitors enjoyed from the locals; knowingthat's just the way people in these parts are, as they say.

Visitors to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will receive that same welcome as they'retreated to the 72st year of the prodigious biker event, and they'll come away from itknowing they've had one of the best times of their lives.

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