Urban Curve Fashion Show 2008, College Park, GA

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Urban Curve Fashion Show (# 8506)

02-Aug-2008 (Saturday)

College Park, GA Urban Curve Fashion ShowUrban Curve Fashion ShowUrban Curve Fashion Show


Urban Curve “BUSTIN' A MOVE”AN INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE TO FIGHT BREAST CANER IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY The 1 in 8 Foundation, in association with the 1 in 8 Motorsports Series and Don-B Motorcycle Apparel, is proud to announce a new international program to bring to the attention of the African American Community, the critical importance of breast cancer early detection. Most people know that breast cancer strikes one out of every eight women in the United States, claiming the life of one woman every 15 minutes, but what many people don't know is that it strikes the Black population in even higher numbers.Found in its earliest stages, which can often be done by nothing more than a self-exam or a simple, painless mammogram, the chances of a man or woman surviving breast cancer is almost 90%. Unfortunately, breast cancer often goes undetected in the Black Community, in part because historically Black women tend to ignore what they consider normal aches and pains and in part because African American men and women often lack heath insurance and thus do not have regularly scheduled mammograms. As a result, a late diagnosis of breast cancer is always fatal.The 1 in 8 and Don-B, a minority owned motorcycle apparel company in Georgia want to change that. The plan is actually very simple. Urban Curve will showcase the latest in urban and motorcycle fashions. “We are committed to creating 1 in 8 events in Black nightclubs throughout the country,” says Don-B Vice President, Sheila Hubbard-Burroughs. “There is absolutely no reason for even one more of our sisters or brothers to die when we can help.” She and her husband Dondi, have 4 daughters. They know that without early intervention their girls are at risk but they also know they don't have to be.The 1 in 8 Motorsports Series, recently named the fastest growing motorsports charity in the world, agrees. “We knew, the first time we ever spoke to Sheila, that we had found the perfect person to help grow this critically important program,” says Ken Vrana, President and CEO of the 1 in 8, “And our goal is to produce cars and bike shows night club and race track events in every state in the union, and overseas as well.” Sheila and Ken are reaching out to Black owned nightclubs, Black clothing designers, motorcycle retailers, photographers, models, musicians, custom car and motorcycle builders and promoters to make this program a reality. Helping put together a 1 in 8 event will not only help raise funds to aid African American men and women, but also really give you the opportunity to grow your own companies. The 1 in 8 has a highly developed international marketing team who will help maximize your exposure in the marketplace and not only will this greatly improve your bottom line, but it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing you really helped your community. If you would like to get involved, Please contact Sheila at: atlblackandpink@yahoo.com or Ken at kvrana@caitlinproductions.com. Their first event is in Atlanta in August at Throback’s, so lets “Bust A Move – Against Breast Cancer”


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