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We strive to be the most complete US motorcycle event directory on the web.

I have been a biker all my life...well, you don't have much choice when your father is a biker...and his father is a biker.

This is my grandfather in the 50's
Grandpa on a motorcycle
My father in the 50's
Father on a motorcycle as a baby
My father in the late 60's
Father on a motorcycle horsing around

In early 2007 I finally got fed up with the fact that every time I was looking for something to do or somewhere to ride I had to visit 20 websites, and read 20 motorcycle magazines in order to find a motorcycle event, rally , ride, etc.
At first, I thought to build a small website for my own use and only for my area, then I realized that if I have this issue, probably hundreds of other bikers have to go through the same thing every time they feel like riding somewhere.
To make a long story short, at the time of writing this, the site is live for less than a month and already there are over 900 events posted (mostly by users/visitors) on it which already makes it the largest motorcycle event repository on the web.

Another annoying issue that I am trying to solve on is the fact that even after finding an event that I wanted to attend, I had to go to other sources to see what the weather is like there, find a place to stay (hotel/motel), find maps/directions, etc. On, everything you need is right there next to the event posting, weather, hotel, and directions.

Another cool thing that I implemented on is a motorcycle events search by zip, all a user has to do is input their zip code and choose a riding distance. The result is a list of motorcycle events within the chosen distance from the zip code (in air miles) regardless of what state the event is in.

As this is a site for bikers by a biker, I am open to any suggestions from anyone. If you have any ideas on how to improve this motorcycle event search experience, or would like to see other features on the site, please email me at


Thank you all.