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1973 Harley Ironhead Rigid Name:
State: Port Chester, NY
Ride: 1973 Harley Ironhead Rigid

harley 1000 cc rigid frame,relocated oil filter,kick start only

Submitted on: Aug-2010
9 Harley Heratige Softail Name:
State: Plymouth, MA
Ride: 9 Harley Heratige Softail

got new in 09

Submitted on: Aug-2010
2010 Harley Ultra Classic Limited 103 Motor Name:
State: 1901 Tropic St, FL
Ride: 2010 Harley Ultra Classic Limited 103 Motor

Traded off 3 of my older Harleys and they gave me a paid in full brand new bike for it. Much happer with a new Ultra Classic Limited with the 203 engine Anti lock brakes and they are the greatest heated hangrips and with the new wider tire that has been a long time coming. I put a Hitch Doc Hitch on it and they are made wonderfully and are complety hiden when the Hich and ball are removed you cant tell you have a hitch on it. I have a Time out bike tent I pull with it w/AC and Its the only way to go. Never thought Id pull something behind my bike but when night falls its nice to crawl up in my tent with the AC on and no high Motel bills or sleeping on the ground for this Old Biker anymore.

Submitted on: Aug-2010
0  SpecialConsstruction Name:
State: Sacramento, CA
Ride: 0 SpecialConsstruction

Don't really know what she is,but I love her!I was told she was a 54 Pan when I bought her,she aint.More like a shovel inside,says a mechanic friend.I don''t know,don't care,I just love her work in progress.She truly is ONE OF A KIND!

Submitted on: Aug-2010
1987 Vulcan Name:
State: Green River, WY
Ride: 1987 Vulcan

had to convert this bike , because of hip replacements , and spinal artheritis. couldn't find a kit , so i had to find parts. the rear is froma 75 toyota corolla, body panels swing arm mounts are fabricated by me. i've had this trike for 6 years and have had tons of compliments on itseveral have tried to copy it.

Submitted on: Aug-2010
2009 Custom Mini Trike Name:
State: Mount Airy, NC
Ride: 2009 Custom Mini Trike

This is my custom built mini trike

Submitted on: Aug-2010
1996 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Name:
State: Artesia, NM
Ride: 1996 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail

the art work on the bike was done by carlos of misery airbrush design and the istallation of parts and assesories was done by culy of spirit cycle

Submitted on: Aug-2010
2010 Yamaha Fjr 1300 Name:
State: Riverside, CA
Ride: 2010 Yamaha Fjr 1300

jest's ride

Submitted on: Aug-2010
2006 Victory Jackpot Name:
State: , zz
Ride: 2006 Victory Jackpot

Hand designed and custom made parts, rake done by myself, can also be viwed at Polaris Industries online and AOL asylum news by googling Gladiator helmet

Submitted on: Aug-2010
2006 Harley Davidson Deluxe Name:
State: Alien Nation, NM
Ride: 2006 Harley Davidson Deluxe


Submitted on: Jul-2010
1970 Triumph Bonneville 650 Name:
State: Rubicon, WI
Ride: 1970 Triumph Bonneville 650

Hard tail chopper

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2010 V8 Chevy Trike Name:
State: Ijamsville, MD
Ride: 2010 V8 Chevy Trike

V8 350, 700r Trans, 9" short rearend 370 gears 4 link, Home made.

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1994 Honda Cbr 1000f Name:
State: Chino Valley, AZ
Ride: 1994 Honda Cbr 1000f

Love me, Love my ride!

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1994 Honda Cbr 600 F2 Name:
State: Chino Valley, AZ
Ride: 1994 Honda Cbr 600 F2

Anywhere, Anytime I'm down for a good ride!

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Custom Name:
State: Wallingford, CT
Ride: 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Custom

The wife and I love the bike, but we may have to part with it soon.

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1990 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic Name:
State: Schenectady, NY
Ride: 1990 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic

This is a one of a kind 1990 Soft tail Heritage Classic that has been customized with detail. To start off the tattoo paint job (as most people call it) was $10,000 alone and a huge hit at Americade, add in all of the top end chrome and motor work that was done by a professional makes it even better. All Harley NEW metal was used for the paint job, plus I still have the original metal from when the bike was new if you choose to put it back to original. The custom ground cam, along with the heads, rods and lifters were from Head Quarters in Canada. There's, Vance and Hines, Mikuni and custom wheels that match with the chrome rotors and pulley, chrome calipers, chrome forks, Hypercharger, Avon tires and much more.

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1954 Bsa A10 Golden Flash Name:
State: Acaville, CA
Ride: 1954 Bsa A10 Golden Flash

Owned by me since 1980 (a real barn find!) and kept in pristine original condition. This bike is a joy to ride,is easy to maintain and handles very well. 7,300 factory miles.A bike from the golden age of British motorcycles.

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2003 Harley Davidson Fxsti Softail Standard Name:
State: Noblesville, IN
Ride: 2003 Harley Davidson Fxsti Softail Standard

Love to ride

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1969 Bsa A75 Rocket 3 Name:
State: Vacaville, CA
Ride: 1969 Bsa A75 Rocket 3

A true British cafe racer. Built with many modern high performance parts and also many new old stock parts for a total frame up rebuild. I have kept enough of the original appearance as to make it recognizable as a Rocket 3. Yes, she's as fast as she looks!

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2007 Kawsaki Vulcan Name:
State: Staten Island, NY
Ride: 2007 Kawsaki Vulcan

still adding on

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1982 Goldwing Espencade Name:
State: Northbridge, MA
Ride: 1982 Goldwing Espencade

im 69 yrs old now i can ride till i die

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic Name:
State: Hamilton, OH
Ride: 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic

Not quite done, but its getting there. Bags,w/medallions and fringe, Mustang seat cover With Fringes, and matching Grips. Cobra Pipes, rejetted. And A hypercharger. Plus lowered the rear 2". Sweet riding bike for cruising town.

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2008 All American Chopper Rockzilla Name:
State: Portland, OR
Ride: 2008 All American Chopper Rockzilla

This is a bad bike..beautiful piece of rolling artwork..airbrushed scenes of war and all of the stuff that goes with it..tanks,helicopters,stealth fighters,air craft carriers..this thing is just freakin beautiful...raised a bunch of money for the families of our soldiers that dont come home....yoiu gotta see's beautiful

Submitted on: Jul-2010
1973 Harley Davidson Flh Name:
State: , OH
Ride: 1973 Harley Davidson Flh

stripedher down painted ,rebuilt engine,tooled leather seats,air ride

Submitted on: Jul-2010
2005 Honda St1300 Name:
State: New Haven, CT
Ride: 2005 Honda St1300

Lots of road behind and, with God's grace, lots more ahead. Robert The Two Wheeler Healer

Submitted on: Jul-2010
5 Suzuki Intruder Name:
State: Gadsden, AL
Ride: 5 Suzuki Intruder

bought new in 05 has 33 thousand miles .....still runs strong !

Submitted on: Jun-2010
2004 Honda Name:
State: ,
Ride: 2004 Honda

VTX 1300s

Submitted on: Jun-2010
1998 Harley Davidson Flstf Name:
State: Santa Cruz, CA
Ride: 1998 Harley Davidson Flstf

Custom paint retro WWII bomber nose art reproduction of the B24 Virgo from the Zodiac squadron 834th BS Sudbury, England.

Submitted on: Jun-2010
2001 Kawasaki 800 Classic Name:
State: Hamilton, OH
Ride: 2001 Kawasaki 800 Classic

Waiting on Mustangs fringed/studded seats, custom wheels, and custom paint job...Then NEW Photo.

Submitted on: Jun-2010
2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic Name:
State: Rayne, LA
Ride: 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

My first bike.

Submitted on: Jun-2010

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