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MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera Review (# 2)


The Ridercam30F is a super light, lipstick size video camera that can be mounted almost anywhere on a motorcycle. With a built-in rechargeable battery, and 2 video formats to choose from, this little video camera may make your next motorcycle trip, stunt, or even a motorcycle accident a youtube sensation.

In this review we will see how the camera looks, feels, and functions...and last but not least, we will look at the final video quality.


MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera Review Color: black
Size: Length 4", Diameter 1.25"

On the front of the camera there is a lens protective and weather resistant cap with a clear front.
MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera Review The back of the camera is covered with the same style cap and an on/off botton. Under the back cap are the controls, memory stick slot, and USB connector for charging the battery and extracting the videos.
Also in the box are:
  1. Camera and accesories protective case.
  2. Camera mount collar.
  3. Flat surface camera mount.
  4. Handlebars camera mount.
  5. AC battery charger.
  6. USB cable.
  7. AV cable.
  8. Short velcro strap.
  9. Long velcro strap.
  10. Long rubber strap.
  11. Small silicon grease can.
  12. 6 double and single side sticky tape.
  13. 1 small velcro tape.
  14. Instruction manual.
  15. Camera driver mini CD.

Point Of View:

As I was opening the package, the first thing I noticed was how small the camera is, it is actually smaller than a roll of quarters, and it is as light as a feather compare to other cameras I used. After charging the internal battery for first use, it took me all of 2.5 minuetes to figure out how to use the camera. The Ridercam30F is very simple to operate, with the front cap removed, there are 2 switches, on the left a video quality switch, VGA and QVGA, on the right a battery on/off switch for battery conservation when not in use. All I needed to do is stick my memory stick in, flick the right switch to the "on" position, screw on the cap, and click the on/off button...that's it, I'm taking videos.

MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera Review Motorcycle Mounting:
The Ridercam30F comes with an assortment of straps, sticky tapes, and flat and handlebar brackets to accommodate many mounting needs. But since the camera mount collar has no vertical (up/down) adjustment, you'll need to be a little creative in mounting and adjusting the position of the lens for optimal video capture.
On our Kawasaki ZRX 1200R I chose to mount the Ridercam30F on the right side engine guard using the handlebar mount. Since the engine guard tube is a little thinner than what the handlebar mount can handle, I wrapped the tube with the short Velcro strap and mounted the handlebar mount on it...worked great.
MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera Review
Video Quality:
The VGA video specs are 30 frames per second at 640x480, do not expect the video to be as clear as HD, but for a none HD video camera the video quality is not bad. I took the camera on a ride in a residential area with some nice flat pavement, and some bumpy not so nice pavement...the camera handled both pretty well.
Something that is really convenient is the fact that the vidoe output file is in an avi format which means that any computer can play it (no needs for special codecs like with HD formats).


  1. Very light and small.
  2. Easy to use and operate.
  3. Easy mounting on many parts of a motorcycle.
  4. If you look you can find the Ridercam30F for less than $ the price is a plus.


  1. No vertical adjustment (up/down).
  2. No HD video.


The MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport Camera is small, light, easy to use, and takes good video (none HD).
It can be mounted on helmets, motorcycles, cars, and anything in between, and since it is water resistant, it can be used in rain, snow, and hurricanes if you have the kahunas for it.
The microphone is not as sensitive, but when mounted on a motorcycle all you can hear is wind and engine noise anyway so a mic is not top priority.
The bottom line is, if HD video is not important to you, the MotoComm Ridercam30F Powersport is an excellent camera to mount on a motorcycle, helmet, or anything else.



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MotoComm Info:

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