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Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review (# 1)


The Saneho bag is made by Nash Motorcycle Company and is designed to be big enough to hold some of your belongings, but small enough to fit on almost any motorcycle. It is made out of high quality thick leather and can be mounted on any V shape part of your motorcycle (like a swing arm, or a frame neck).

This review will look at quality, durability, overall impression, and some interesting special features that this Saneho motorcycle leather bag has.


Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Color: black (comes in natural and brown as well)
Size: Height 10.5", Width 10.5", Depth 4.5"

Looking at the front of the bag, there are 2 leather straps that are used to close the bag lid. On the left side of the bag there is a leather bottle holder with a red 30oz fuel canister.
Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review On the back of the leather bag there are 4 straps in a V shape arrangement which are designed to mount on a chopper swing-arm.
On the inside of the Saneho leather bag there are a leather strap and a flat leather pocket. The leather strap can be used - among other things - to hold a handgun, the flat pocket can be used for documentation, loose change or any other small items.
Once closed, the bag opening is secured by 2 flaps that attached to one another with 2 heavy-duty snap buttons.

The bag front, back, canister holder, back (mounting) straps, and the front straps base are made out of an 1/8" thick hide. The front straps are 3/16" thick hide. The sides, bottom, and closing flaps are made of a 1/16" thick leather.

Point Of View:

The Nash Motorcycle Company's Saneho Leather Bag generally does not look any different from any other small size saddle bag or large size tool or sissy bags...but that's until you start poking around.
The first thing that caught my eye is the side mounted red fuel canister, this is by far the coolest feature I ever saw on any kind of a motorcycle luggage item. Not only it serves a very real need for a little extra fuel when you need it, but it also looks wicked. The can "holster" is made from one tubular shaped leather with 2 straps going trough it, the bottom of the canister is held by 2 crossing straps held by heavy-duty snap buttons. The top of the canister is secured by one leather strap that goes trough the top of the canister and attached to the rest of the contraption. The whole thing can be completely removed from the rest of the bag by loosening the 2 leather straps that attach it to the bag. (which can be then mounted on another bike).
Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review
Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review The bag itself is very well made, thick leather/hide, heavy-duty snap buttons, nickel buckles, and strong stitchings.
On the inside it has another cool feature, a strap for a handgun belt-holster, since I hold my gun in the back of my pants I don't really have a belt-holster, but I stuck my gun inside the strap and it works just fine, the pistol is nice and secure. Behind the gun leather strap there is a small flat pocket that can be used for documents.
As far as the holding capacity of the Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag, I was able to stuff it with 2 long-sleeve shirts, 1 pair of Levi's jeans, a pair of socks, and 2 pairs of underwear...which in my book means a week long trip to Sturgis Bike Week.

Since the swingarm on BikerPlaza's chopper (2004 American Ironhorse - TX Chopper 124ci) is not a V shaped, I decided to mount the bag on the up-side-down V shaped frame-neck. It took me all of 5 minutes to mount the bag on the frame, and 2 more minutes to stuff it with my junk.


  1. Well made.
  2. Can be mounted on a swingarm.
  3. Handgun strap inside the bag.
  4. Cool looking attached fuel canister.


  1. At $329 for the bag and fuel canister, and $20 for the gunsling option, it's not cheap.
  2. The fuel canister holder is swinging/moving when riding (can be easily overcome with a zip-tie).


All in all I like this bag, it is strong and durable, it can be easily mounted on almost any bike with a V shape tubing (swingarm or frame), and it has 2 features that I don't think many motorcycle bags have (if any at all)...a handgun sling, and a mini fuel tank.
Although it's a little on the pricey side, it covers a need for bikers that don't have the option, or do not wish to attach standard saddle-bags to their bikes. But more importantly, it will give you some peace of mind when you ride your 3.5 gallon gas tank chopper on a 120 miles dessert highway and no gas stations in sight.



Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review Nash Saneho Motorcycle Leather Bag Review

Nash Motorcycle Company Info:

Nash Motorcycle Company
Contact: 360-693-4225, Email Nash Motorcycle Company

214 E. McLoughlin Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98663